Brownie Promise

Brownie Promise

Brownie Promise is an evolution of Cupcake Sweeties which began in 2008 and has grown from being purveyors of Cupcakes at local artisan markets to an established premises in Lower Hutt where our customers are able to indulge their sweet tooth.

These brownies have been freshly baked using only real ingredients you would find in your pantry at home…..our brownies Butter, Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Flour, Baking Powder and Cocoa and are loaded with Whittakers Dark Ghana Chocolate.

To store the these brownies, keep them in an airtight container and they will stay delicious for up to seven days after you have received them.  Ideally keep the brownies wrapped in the greaseproof paper that they arrived in, this helps to keep the brownies moist and squidgy and prevents them from drying out.

Some people think that the brownies get more delicious after a few days as they become even more gooey....... but we can’t promise you will get to experience that!

Brownies are $4.50 for a single available in store, or $38 for a gift box of 15 Brownies beautifully wrapped in gold paper within a gift box that can be can be picked up from us in Lower Hutt, or we can deliver anywhere in New Zealand for $5. 


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